Monday, September 24, 2012

Bead Pets & Pockets

Its been some time since my last post here.  Things have been pretty busy for me since the end of summer break, and with the persistently hot weather, my main focus has been on training.  I got pretty out of shape this summer, but after a few weeks in the Source, I'm feeling pretty strong again. 
On another note, I recently started my job guiding for the University of Wyoming Outdoor Adventure Program,which has taken up a lot of my weekends, but I love it so.  I can honestly say that its the first job I've ever had that I thoroughly enjoy.

 Happy trip participants learning to tape!

Leading a bunch of trips to Vedauwoo has also helped me continue to tune up my crack skills.  I've been feeling really confident and comfortable in cracks lately, and I've gotten to the point where I need to start leading more .9's out there.  On my last trip, we threw a top rope on Flake-a-Saurus (5.10c funky flares).  Obviously, none of our participants made it up, but I hopped on and only had to weight the rope twice, something I never would've thought possible a year ago. Major stokeage.


This past weekend, I went out to Lander with Nicole & Rebecca for some good ol' sport climbing. Being the shameless sausagefest that climbing usually is, it was a nice change of pace to get out with two girls.  The normally quiet and conversational drive up was spent making "bead pets" and friendship bracelets...yeah, my balls probably shrank a little bit.

We climbed for the final hour of sunlight in Sinks before retiring to the free campground for the night.  I've always preferred the free campsite in Sinks over the city park; you get the meditative white noise of the Popo Agie river and none of that light pollution from streetlights.

 A perfect summary of our friendship

Eating a little Duck Soup (5.9)

We decided to spend the next morning in Sinks and head to Iris when it got a little too hot.  We did Firecracker Kid (5.10b), Elmo's Fish (5.10d), and Harvest Moon (5.11a).

 Cruising the crux of Elmo's

 Nicole crushing Elmo's Fish

 Sending Harvest Moon

 Rebecca on the crux sequence of Harvest Moon
At Wild Iris, I onsighted Brown Dirt Cowgirl (5.10a) and Never Sit With Your Back to the Door (5.10b), which were both really good and seemingly less trafficked.  I blew my onsight attempts on Red as a Blooming Rose (5.10d) and Roll in the Hay (5.11a), chokin' the cobra on the very last clips from the pump factor and missing the best clipping hold respectively.  Other than that, they went super easy, getting me psyched to start pushing harder .11's on my next trip.  When Rebecca and I were both pretty done, Nicole insisted on doing one more, and impressively onsighted Claim Jumper (5.10c), which has lots of tricky liebacking and awkward clips.  Needless to say, her psyche and motivation went through the roof after that!

 Cruiser overhanging pockets on Red as a Blooming Rose

 Gettin' some on Roll in the Hay

Nicole flying up Claim Jumper

It felt great to be sport climbing again, and already feeling the gains of this past month's training, I'm super stoked to start climbing really hard.  Ready for those cooler temps!

 Classic parting shot

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