Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Phone Call From Dr. Thunder

Sitting in the cluttered dining room of Burger Xtreme, I looked down upon my veggie burger and fries, contemplating the greasy death which I was about to put inside my body.  Suddenly, I felt a strong vibration come from within the depths of my pants...

Dr. Thunder was calling.
Around 10:30 a.m. the next day, Andrew Hudson and I met him out at the Grove, casually pooping behind a rock in the company of Oscar Dog.  Having not seen Bryan since November, it was good to catch up with my dear friend/mentor/object of sexual desire.

Man and Beast

We started off the day at Downtown Stickworm Town (V6/7), which I had tried last September when my fitness was not its greatest.  With a little less effort than I expected, I sent the line in a handful of burns, feeling rock solid on all of the moves.  Definitely one of the best moderates in all of Wyoming!
Bryan on Downtown Stickworm Town
 A newer climber and Neverland virgin, Andrew worked Tree Bender (V2) on the other side of the boulder, where he unfortunately fell and scraped his back along the namesake aspen tree.  I suggested we move to the Evening Wall recess so he could work This Will Destroy You (V4), which has lots of nice long pulls between good crimps and edges.
Upon arriving at the Evening Wall, I managed to climb the nearby unnamed(?) V5 first go, while Andrew cleaned a new line on it that traverses the opposite direction.  Unable to do a few moves, he told me to finish it, so I quickly put up Egg Salad (V2/3). 

Andrew on Egg Salad

   Andrew, obviously inspired by This Will Destroy You, worked the crux sequence a few times until he stuck it, at which point he put down the entire line from the second move.  I repeated it soon after, and I must say, the topout is a little scarier than I remembered.

This Will Destroy You
 After hanging around there for a while, Bryan showed some interest in the Sienna Boulder, which is just down the hill from there.  After a mini tour of the problems, a new line quickly caught our eyes.  After I gave it a few shots, Bryan tried it and nabbed the FA of Sex Crumbs (V4), which is a steep jug haul sandwiched between 2 distinct cruxes.

Bryan on Sex Crumbs
Shortly after, I repeated SC, and we then moved to another nearby wall that had Andrew psyched.  He cleaned and put up Bloodbath (V1/2), which can be done statically, or as two dynos.  I cleaned a crimpy problem directly to the right, which I also made him FA along with a third one that combines the two.

Cleaning away
Andrew on one of his new lines
 Finally, evening rainstorms arrived, and with them our farewells to Dr. Thunder and the Grove.

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  1. Sounds like a good trip with much success. I'm sure Dr. Thunder's doctor is psyched he is climbing on the fresh rebuilt knee, so soon after getting worked on.

    The V5 is Orange Fuzzy One.