Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Slow Fall in Laramie

Not too much to say this evening.  The semester has flown by, and, fortunately, my shoulder has finally (hopefully) healed up.  With far too many stories to tell in a single post and without further adieu, I give you a brief photo journalistic synopsis of the recent bouldering developments in the Laramie area . With most of our regulars being exceptionally preoccupied with other business, it's been a little slow; however, some quality problems went up and we're still getting a few reasonably warm days out there. 

FA of Nick's Pipe Dream Slab (V0)- Curt Gowdy

Atari Jr. (V2+ish) - Curt Gowdy

Long Undercling Traverse (V3)- Curt Gowdy

FA of Butch Cassidy and the German Kid (V7)- Curt Gowdy

FA of Belly Full of Redman (V7)- Curt Gowdy
Open Project (V13?)- El Dakota
 Of course, my season hasn't been without its share of roped climbing.  Oddly enough, I've found myself doing primarily crack climbing and aiding in preparation for (drum roll) Moonlight Buttress in Zion National Park, which I will be scaring myself half to death on alongside my dear German friend, Phillip (Hans!) Peters.  Do expect a through followup post within the next 3 weeks! 


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